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180 Day Guarantee

"If your property does not sell in 180 days...we will list it for free".  Participating Agents Only.  The property will be listed for a total of 6% commission.   If the property has an acceptable offer within 180, a 6% total commission will be paid to RealtyMark and/or a cooperating agency.  If the property is not under contract within 180 days, on the 181st day, the Listing side of the commission will be lowered to $1.00, and the Seller will still pay the Buyer's Agent a 3% commission for the duration of the listing. 

Limousine Offer

RealtyMark will send a chauffer driven stretch limousine for the Buyes to travel to and from settlement, (within a 30 mile radius of Philadelphia).  Maximum capacity 8 people.  No cash value, and this offer is NOT transferrable.

Disclaimer for Reimbursing the costs of Real Estate School

RealtyMark will reimburse the cost of the state required classes to be licensed as a real estate salesperson.  Such reimbursement will be calculated by subtracting the amount of the state licensing classes (must provide paid receipts) from any fees owed to RealtyMark, including monthly fees or transaction fees.  Reimbursement is NOT paid directly to Agent.  All state licensing fees are the sole responsibility of the Agent.

Home warranty disclaimer

RealtyMark does NOT endorse or own any specific Home Warranty Company.  We can recommend several third party Companies to choose from.  Home Warranties are offered at the sole expense of the buyer or seller. (typically costing in the $300-$500 range). Any such warranty will NOT be reimbursed by RealtyMark, or the Agent, unless specifically agreed to in writing.  RealtyMark may receive a fee (for performing specific services) from the Home Warranty Comapanie(s). 

RealtyMark Agent Cruise

Agent must perform any combination of 15 points between April 1 through March 31 of the following year. A transaction is considered closed and will be counted when a $275 transaction fee is paid to RealtyMark, along with a $350 conveyancing paid to RealtyMark by the Buyer or Seller or paid for by the Agent. Closings that occur during April and October will be counted as 2 points as long as the fees are collected and paid to RealtyMark. Agent must alway remain current paying in any and all fees owed to RealtyMark.  RealtyMark reserves the right to withdraw this offer should Agent fall behind at any time on any payments, or if any party terminates its relationship with one another. Agent will not qualify for the cruise, if the Agent fails to attend any onboard Agent meeting(s) on any previous cruise(s), or does not remain on the cruise for the entire duration of the trip/prots (emergencies excluded).  Agent must be actively affiliated with RealtyMark at the time of the RealtyMark cruise, and must not work for any competing Real Estate Brokerage/Company in a state that RealtyMark currently has office locations. Taxes, Port Charges and Transportation to and from the Ship terminal are the Agents responsibility. Cabin location at the discretion of RealtyMark, LLC. 

We are so confident that you will "Love" your new property that you bought through a RealtyMark Agent that if you are unhappy with your purchase, (for any Reason), we will Resell your property for Free! * Participating Agents Only

- Participating Agents Only... (Please verify that your Agent is participating in this offer.)
-This offer is valid up to 180 days from the original settlement Date.
- Investors and "Flippers" are excluded if the property is sold for more than $10,000 in profit.
- Client must purchase another property from the same Agent and be paid 2.5% of more in commission on the next purchase.
- A $1.00 nominal charge will be paid to the listing agent, (free) as the full service "Listing side of the transaction" will be performed for $1.00, and the seller will pay a minimum of 2.5% to any Buyer's Agent that procures the Buyer.
- The Listing Agent has the option to "refer" the Listing Side to another Agent or Broker and the client agrees to use any such "referred" Agent.
- This offer is for a limited time only and is subject to change.
- A consumer is not required to enter into any sale, listing or other real estate contract as a condition of their receipt and use of the free, discounted or other services or products included in the promotion or offer.

Free Year - Referring Agent Promotion.

1. This offer is not vaild with any other promotional offer (Example - School Credit reimbursement)
2. The recruiting RealtyMark Agent will Recieve 12 months $100/Month *12 months =$1200 value (Beginning as soon as the recruited Agent is paying months 13-24).  The Agent will still be responsible for normal transaction fees and conveyancing fees per their Independant Contractor's Agreement
3. No Cruise credits in this Promotion. 
4. Participating offices Only. 

Free Year - New Agent Promotion.

1. New Agent will recieve first 12 months in the $100 per month, 100% Commission plan (a $1200 value). 
2. This offer is only valid for Any Agent who has not been with a RealtyMark in the last 12 months (and must have been in good standing with RealtyMark).
3. This offer is not vaild with any other promotional offer (Example - School Credit reimbursement)
4. All other fees apply (Transcation and Conveyancing Fees) 
5. No Cruise credits in this Promotion.
6. Participating offices Only. 

Commission Advances

1. Funds are deposited directly into the Agent's Bank Account the same day, or within 24 hours.
2. Commission Advances 0-30 Days, 5% Fee will be applied, (95% Retained by the Agent).
3. Commission Advances 31-45 Days, 8% fee will be applied, (92% Retained by the Agent).
4. Commission Advances 46-60 Days, 9% fee will be applied, (91% Retained by the Agent).
5. Any Advance Fees are tax Deductable (Although you should consult your tax advisor) 
6. Commission Advances are NOT guaranteed, and are subject to final underwriting Approval, and RealtyMark Approval. 
7. Maximum of 90% of Commission will be advanced for RealtyMark's 100% Agents. 

1% Back Promotion

If you purchase a property listed by a participating RealtyMark Agent, directly using The RealtyMark Listing Agent as your Buyer’s Agent as well, (Creating Dual Agency), you will receive a rebate of 1% of the purchase price as a “Broker Credit” on the settlement statement. Any and all credits must be on the Settlement Statement. The Purchase price is the sales price, less any seller consessions. 

If the “Broker Credit” is NOT allowed by applicable law, or exceeds any rebate thresholds, or is NOT allowed by the Lender, then the terms of this offer are null and void, and any such credit will be forfeited.

  • Participating Offices & Participating Agents Only.