"The Future Of Real Estate"

I love working for Realty Mark! I recently beat out 3 competing agents for a listing by putting the property on the weekly RealtyMark TV show!! I got the listing on the spot!!  Having this little key piece of reassurance give me an added boost of confidence in my listing appointments.  But that isn’t the only reason why I love Realty Mark. I’m here because of the broker, Ray Gaber. Any issue I have, Ray is right on top of it. I don’t feel like a # here; I feel like family. -  Nancy Houck

Gentlemen, I would be remiss if i didn't reach out to say that i am GRATEFUL to KNOW you, and to be a part of the GREATEST Real Estate Network on earth. Thank you for helping to make a dream come true; not only for me (and all OTHER Agents) BUT to the people that we SERVICE. Thanks Again, GOD BLESS you, and GOD BLESS Realty Mark! - Merril Thomas

RealtyMark did more for me in 30 min than KW ever did! - Jeffery Gural

Good morning Ray,Guess what?!!! I got a FSBO to list with me off of Zillow!!! It’s an estate sale. The 3 children and their spouses called me on speaker phone and grilled me for hours. But I won them over!I can’t thank you enough for the boost of confidence! I interviewed with every single brokerage out there when I first got licensed. I wanted the best support system and I got it at Realty Mark.What a great feeling!Thank you for everything you do for me. It. Is appreciated! - Nancy Houck

Hello Ray, I don't know anyway of saying this without it sounding like a suck-up, but, this is the greatest place to be...I remember when I gave my notice to my broker at RE/MAX. He told me "You'll be back, you're not going to like it over there. Well, I hope he's not standing by the door waiting for me. Thanks for what you guys do. - Kelley Ewing, Jr.

Don’t know if you hear it enough but RealtyMark is truly the greatest place for a Realtor to be thanks for everything Ray - Aaron Moore

Hi Ray, Joining RealtyMark was the best thing I have done in my Real Estate career! I only wish I had joined earlier!Trust me I tell everyone about the company, especially the other brokers that call to try to recruit me lol. Thanks, Rob

Thank you so much Ray, that really means alot coming from you.  I am very happy to be here and I'm glad you will have me.  I do try to do my best and vow to continue to grow.  I will keep letting the world know how great it is to be apart of this awesome firm and they should be apart of it too. - Renee King Hudson

Hi Ray, Thank you, I was excited about the closing. I appreciate you creating a great environment to be an agent. I literally couldn't image joining another brokerage.I will certainly spread the word regarding Realty Mark. And again, appreciate all you do !  Kind Regards, Kareem Tookes

Hi Dimitri,  Thank you for the information. I appreciate the assistance. Switching to Realty Mark has so far proven to be one of the BEST decisions I made in 2020. Have a great day! - Jamia Williams

Hi Dimitri and Ray,

Tom and I are regular viewers of Realty Mark Showcase of Homes and we wanted to thank you for the great job you do. You highlight each listing with a great walk through and organize the photos really nicely. We enjoy watching the show each week.

Lucky for us, we have had a number of our recent listings on the show and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate having this show as an added benefit for our sellers and for us as agents. 

Ray, I believe you also said your wife helps so please thank her for us too. We are very happy to be part of Realty Mark.. 

Lynn Hinckley 

This service is truly amazing. Thanks for providing this. Thanks - Pat

Thank you very much, Ray, for the generous remarks. I greatly appreciate the platform Realty Mark has provided me. Without the help of the company, I wouldn't have achieved this. My loyalty to the company will continue as it has been always. Thank you again.- Allen Dong

Thank you very much for the phenomenal training you are providing to all of your agents.  Bill Mulhern, Warren Nelson, and Susan D'Ambrosio are phenomenal instructors with a passion for teaching real estate.  Brian Smith of Interstate Abstract has very enjoyable and informative classes.  Mentors, Shawn Marie Freeman, Dirk Parker and Joe Massengale have excellent classes too. Thank you for everything that you do for us.  I just wanted to share my positive feedback and appreciation.  Have a nice day!!! - Dawn Kore

Dear Boss, t’s very pleasant to work with RealtyMark family, especially you, the motivator. I always say good about RealtyMark and that is the reason I brought my friends to become RealtyMark agents. Again, thank you and God bless you, God bless RealtyMark!- Tin Tran

I've been an agent with Realty Mark for about 6 years now and my husband has been one as well with Realty Mark.  What drew us to Realty Mark was the out-of-box thinking and strategies of its owner Ray Gaber.  Realty Mark is a company where you can also use your tools and strategies to make the best deals and build your real estate business.  The company provides training, tools and ideas that help you grow as an agent.  My husband and I have enjoyed our time with Realty Mark, we've both have been recruited by other companies but have both deny those invitations.  Realty Mark provides the things we need with it's 100% commission, affordable month membership, training with qualified individuals, library of real estate tools and even a title company with diligent and knowledgeable assistance.  Lastly, Realty Mark understands the future of the real estate business and is prepared to change with how the industry is changing.  Ray Gaber has foretold our agents where the industry is heading for the last couple of years and has stayed on top of preparing us as agents to stay ahead of the trends.  We are glad to be apart of such a company that is expanding and growing every day. - Shawn Marie Freeman 

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, All this company offers sounds too good to be true. I remember thinking, what do I have to lose! The contract is very reasonable if you are not happy. Let me tell you, I am so mad I did not join this company sooner! 100% commission is AWESOME!!! Not to mention all the other Perks, My listings on Channel 17, The Cruise, CE reimbursed and what about E&O FREE, come on, you have to be crazy not to be working here! And, it's not all about the money, Ray and the whole gang really care about you and your business. -  Loni (Leilani) Schiavo

I'm at my open house and a group just came through now. They saw my listing on the Realty Mark Showcase! Said they watch the show often. - Patrick Fay

You know Ray, I was so new to the RE industry and needed more support. After trying out 2 different brokerages, I really appreciate you and your company. I helped bring over agents, more to come. Thank you for everything Ray.
Paris Luong

Hi Ray. I would just  like to give you some positive feedback on my last Realty Mark Training experience.   I went to the night class in KOP on Friday called Representation 101 with Warren Nelson. This is the first class I attended with Warren as the instructor.Warren Nelson is phenomenal. He captures our attention with an interesting presentation and he presents 100% useful information. I really enjoyed his class. Looking forward to more of his classes. Thanks for everything you do for us. - Dawn Kore

Thank you Ray for the platform that you provided to me, and the other Realtors. We love the company, and we do appreciate all the resources. In addition to that, I am proud to be a part of the Realty Mark family. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and your family. - Lidia Calixte

I have been an agent with various real estate companies over the years. I moved to Realty Mark last week. I was in a Marketing meeting today with the CEO , Ray Gaber. When I left the meeting I was completely blown away. The opportunities his company provides and his mindset is completely out of the box. He truly has a heart for our clients and Agents and will do anything to help them. I am so happy I made the move. 

Joanna Poe 

In the past year, I have sold 4 vacant lots, 2 New Construction homes in South Philly, One in the North East, lately listed a house in Huntingdon Valley, am selling a rehab on Catharine Street for $692k.  I am also actively showing homes to two different buyers who are looking in the $575k price range.


And......I could not have been so successful without the help of your amazing team Carmella Vassor Johnson and Anne Marie Montoni.


Carmella is ALWAYS there for me, whenever I need to ask the slightest question and besides sharing her amazing expertise with me, she always includes positive encouragement and life coaching lessons, which have helped me get through a bunch of hurdles! 


She always makes me feel that any question or issue I have is valid and considers all of them with utmost seriousness, extreme sensitivity and an uncanny ability to see both sides of the story.  She is truly amazing!  


Realty Mark is extremely fortunate to have her, I honestly don't know what I, or Realty Mark would do without her.


Anne Marie goes out of her way to help people in any way she can and is so organized.....good thing for all of us......she is so organized!


Ray, thanks for this amazing team you have....you have my permission to use the above for testimonials.- Jacqueline Kremansky,

Good people in this company, no one ever says no when asking for a favor! - Vic Masi

I hired an Agent the other day from Keller Williams. She told me she was joining because she had lost a $550,000 Listing (over 16k in commissions) to one of our RealtyMark Agents. When she called the client to ask why, The client said " because RealtyMark put it on TV." - Ray Gaber

“I have worked in five offices since getting my license. And I know that I will stay here for the remainder of my career. You are treated like a professional. The Conveyance Department is outstanding and the Mortgage Officers are dependable and responsive. This is the best place to work.  And it is not just because of all of the additional money.”Chuck Kleinschmidt – REALTOR®

"Realtymark is definitely the "real deal". They are taking the industry to the next level.  They give all the tools and support you could need, virtually at your fingertips.  And on top of everything, you truly get a 100% commission!  I'm sure RealtyMark will be the last company standing; the business model can't be beat!”  
Sheir-Ron Whittaker

I dare you to find another real estate company that gives their agents 100% commissions, software that feeds them leads, and escorts their clients to the settlement table via a limo ride for free. I looked, and no one is even close. RealtyMark is setting the bar for this industry. They are simply on the cutting edge in all fascets of the business." 
Raul Castillo

Warren, your class on the Deed and the Home Inspection was excellent. As always, you presented a lot of very useful information. I always learn new things attending your classes. I am enjoying the online training very much.I also liked the fact that you covered both the PA and NJ Agreements of Sale since I have both a PA and NJ license. I also enjoyed your explanation of the different types of Deeds, the Consumer Notice and types of agency, customer vs. client and so much more. I highly recommend your class to all agents.Thanks for the fantastic class. It was very informative.Have a nice vacation - Dawn Kore


An unbelievable 9 night FREE vacation full of sun, fun, company cocktail events, new friends and many fond memories. Who else offers this? Thank you Ray Gaber, Thank You Realty Mark! I’ll think of the cruise every time a chocolate martini comes my way :- ) Ray, You have built an amazing real estate company with exponential growth and provisions for agents that are rarely, if ever, seen with other companies. Your generosity and genuine desire to see others succeed does not go unnoticed and is both refreshing and appreciated. I really did have a great time on the cruise, connecting with you, your family and all of the other fellow Realty Mark cruisers. Many thanks for providing me the opportunity to be part of the team.-Sharon Cross

Just closed my first deal since coming over to realty mark and it was great. Annemarie and Natasha were both great and super helpful for conveyancing, Brianna answered a few questions I had early in the my transaction and was very helpful as well. My deal was supposed to settle today but we wound up moving it up because of the impending storm. Brian got back to me on sunday night and said that we could move the settlement up to monday, this never would have happened with our in house title at my old company. Dale was on top of everything and had it all sorted out by 2:30 pm when we settled at the HV office. I was probably most impressed when Dale handed me my commission check at the end of settlement, I was used to waiting a week sometimes more at my old company. I was also ecstatic about the amount of money the check was for, easily double what I would've made at my old company. Overall it was a fantastic experience I will be talking the company up to any agent I meet, I actually just made a call this morning to an agent I know who may be looking to move and told him how amazing your company is. This is the future of real estate, its a fair system for the agent, and allows us to better serve our clients. Thank you and your whole team Ray, its really a great company you have and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. -Shane McCaffery

Just had to tell you how appreciative I am of your offering of the free CE classes.  I just finished mine and the McKissock  people walked me through how to complete the course and were extremely helpful.  I have been with most real estate companies and don't know any that would care enough about making sure their agents meet the requirements, without a fee. Again, I want to thank you for your generosity and caring. - Bobby Shea


"I thought I had it good with Exit Realty with a 30%-70% split, I was wrong.  Realty Mark is truly 100% :-)" 
Celia Palmiero

"As soon as I met the staff at RealtyMark, I knew that I wanted to join the team. I’ve worked for the big boys and this is such a better work environment. I feel like I lost nothing (except them nickel and diming me) and gained so much.  RealtyMark allows me to better serve my clients!" Drew Carney

“RealtyMark is changing the Real Estate industry, by allowing its agents to be more independent. At RealtyMark we are not slaves to the commission splits of most real estate offices. Which allows me to make more money, while working less. Joining RealtyMark was the best career move I have ever made.”  Matthew Lattanzio

"I've gotten more leads in the last two and a half months from RealtyMark from the Realtymark website than in 5 years with Prudential"- J. D. Rutherford

"Hi Ray - I had my very first settlement, since joining Realty Mark Associates, yesterday. What an awesome experience. Anne Marie was so helpful and responsive. As someone new to the company she was great - answering my questions and helping me navigate those little things that are never quite the same from one brokerage to another. Dale was helpful and easy to work with He assisted in a smooth settlement for all. Also, getting my check within minutes of settlement was a first for me. Finally, I'm still smiling - 100% commission feels really, really good today. Thank you so much. I am so happy to be part of Realty Mark Associates. " Margaret Fantini


Excellent Class today! Over 20 years in business, and  the classes have taught me how to do a better listing presentation, and how to price a home.-Tammie Brooks


The RealtyMark training was very informative.-Ed Gurley


The Training was very enjoyable and very much needed. Keeps us up to date.-John Keys


I learned of the scientific formation used to properly price a listing. To better prepare, view local comps before going to a listing appointment. Being able to tell the homeowner that I saw your competition positions me as the local real estate expert.-Martha Griffin


The Realty Mark training and classes are very important whether you are a new or experienced agent. I learn something new every time and the personalized atmosphere is something I never had at any other brokerage. I'd highly recommend RealtyMark if you want to be successful in the real estate industry.-
Alex Gehring


$275 per transaction capped at 10; that $2750 for the year and you get a free cruise. To me, its like paying for the cruise at a discounted price and 100% of everything else in my pocket! No nickel & diming for franchise fees, E&O, signing, etc. No making your broker rich for your hard work.-Francesca Sinacori


I love RealtyMark because this company pays every time. I love RealtyMark because they give free cruises that allows me to spend quality time with my family. I love RealtyMark- I'm allowed to advertise my listings on television. I love Realty Mark, the 100% commission allowed me to pay off my Mercedes Benz early.-
Tammie Brooks


My reason for being a RealtyMark Agent under Ray Gaber are as under, A very friendly atmosphere within the office, very supportive staff, very supportive and competent broker, 100% commission, and extremely supportive and efficient Title Company, RealtyMark cruise as an incentive, timely payment of Agent's commission, great incentives for recruiting new agents.-Dawood Husain


Where were you 30 years ago? All the money I could have saved and expenses I could have avoided.-
Bob Campbell


I have been a RealtyMark agent in NJ & PA since 2014, and have partnered with major players in the profession. Not only do you get to keep ALL of your hard earned commission, they just gave me (free mind you) an app that my clients absolutely love! Way to go RealtyMark!-Victor Masi


If you truly want to run your own real estate business and get paid 100 percent of YOUR commission, it's a NO-Brainer! Can't imagine doing it any other way!-Rocco Nicosia


Well its been one year I have been with RealtyMark and everything Ray has told me has been true. I just love keeping 100% of my commission which allows me to work less and make more. I do not pay the E&O insurance. My listing are put in more sites than when I was paying in my previous company, To top it off there is a company cruise which Is free once you get 15 points. Then there is the free limo and free online training along with free on staff attorneys. I could not get all of this with any other company. I am telling everyone this is real and is true.-George McCusker


At the beginning of my career (now going on 10 years), I thought that joining a company with a “known” name like Re/Max would help me grow my business. This turned out to be a huge rookie mistake. I quickly learned that the only beneficiary of using Re/Max name was Re/Max and my broker. I did all the work, they made all the money. RealtyMark has allowed me all the benefits of my former broker and so much more! A great support system, valuable education material, creative marketing techniques, fantastic perks and 100% commission are all part of the package from day one. If you ear it—KEEP IT! Any other brokerage pales in comparison. -David Jack


RealtyMark is Amazing. This year I was able to go on the free cruise provided to agents by Ray Gaber. Free 9 Day Cruise AND with $50 onboard credit AND welcome gift onboard (totally surprised), tote bag filled with 2 shirts, 2 hats, lots of goodies and free advice on enjoying cruise AND Inspiring get together onboard ship AND  cocktail party to boot!-Marinia Lee


I have been able to develop better relationships with my clients and get repeat business simply by belonging to RealtyMark who gives you the power to run your own business. By received 100% of my commission, I have higher negotiating power vs. other brokerages I have worked for. I do this for my clients and I finally feel like I'm with a broker that has my client’s best interest at heart. -Celeste Weaver


Realty Mark is a unique brokerage. Very progressive and growing with the times. I've been associated with a few well-known international real estate companies and what Realty Mark offers to its agents is truly exclusive.  Realty Mark is a company for true entrepreneurs and offers a platform to grow and achieve in your business without limits, while providing the support of the broker and company affiliates. They provide  FREE legal services (including E&O Insurance), exceptional marketing tools, unlimited office support and no charge for company leads, to name a few.  I've never known a company to education and reimbursements to new agents practicing to get their estate license AND for existing agents completing CEU credits. The commission compensation at Realty Mark is unparalleled. Realty Mark realizes that agents in this competitive industry, need to have more money in order to be more productive and be able to provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families. 

I also like the fact, that I do not have to over exert myself  in this business to get acknowledged with a wall plaque and walk across the companies stage, to confirm you're a valued agent. Realty Mark is appreciative of agent's hard work and commitment, regardless of your Gross Commission Income (GCI) and a way they say 'Thank you' is, an all-inclusive cruise for two each year, just for being productive. I do not know any real estate companies that does anything close. Making work and play a rewarding experience.. Realty Mark, LLC hands down!    -Val Harris

In 2014 a broker trying to recruit me said, "Evelyn, there's no way Realty Mark can offer these benefits.  They'll be out of business by next year.  Guess what? Realty Mark is still in business and continues to grow. Joining the Realty Mark team was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I wish I had done it sooner!! -Evelyn Belcher


I love my Center City office, I love my Broker, and I love my 100% commission.-Yuling Yu


I have been able to develop better relationships with my clients and get repeat business simply by belonging to Realty Mark who gives you the power to run your own business. By receiving 100% of my commissions, I have higher negotiating power vs. other brokerages I have worked for. I do this for my clients and I finally feel like I'm with a Broker that has my client's best interests at heart.-Celeste Weaver


After splitting half my commission check with my previous broker for years and now seeing my full commission check be made payable to me confirms my decision to move my license to Realty Mark was the best decision ever for me and my family!  No regrets!!! -Lacenia Bridges


My Family loved the cruise! The service was great, people were great and the weather helped along since most of the days away from Northeast were warm and sunny. They would definitely go again!-Alexander Shilzhenko


 This is my third year going on the cruise.  My daughters & I had a wonderful time.  Thanks Ray for not only 100% Commission but also this vacation & so many other perks. I look forward to Making my Mark in Real Estate with Realty Mark.-Noemi Mendez 


 The meeting was so great Wednesday evening that I need a tranquilizer to calm my motivation and excitment for the rest of this year! An agent I met 20 years ago saw Showcase of Homes, saw my name and listing and called me asking questions. She wants to know if it is ok to come to the next Wednesday meeting with me. -
Loni (Leilani) Schiavo


Thanks again for your dedication and your leadership. This vacation could not have came at a better time in my life. I needed to get away. My aunt and I had a spectacular time on the cruise this was our first time cruising with Realty Mark. Realty Mark has not only blessed me with 100% of my commission which allows me to make more money as well as helps me to take care of my sick mother; and spend more time with her. I am so grateful to be apart of such an amazing company. I look forward to my future as a Realtor with you.  -Lila Dudley


 Just got back from my 4th Realty Mark Cruise. Tickets for two paid for my the company . Thanks Realty Mark! 20 years the business I have never seen this before.-
Tammie Brooks


This is the third year I have attended the cruise with my husband. We always have amazing time and shout out thanks to our amazing boss for free drink parties too.
-Amy Chen


Pleasure to meet Ray and his parents and all Realty Mark associates at the recent Bahamas cruise. How many real estate companies reward top agents with a free cruise... 000. I have been with Realty Mark for about 2 years with nothing but good things to say about our firm. Our on board meeting was very informative and covered a number of interesting topics within the company and it's future growth.  My sister and I are very appreciative. Great time had by all.-Bob Playford & Sherrie Rosnick


I enjoyed the cruise. It was great to meet and get to know other RealtyMark people. Everybody we met was really nice and it made me feel good about being part of this organization. Thanks so much for the cruise credit and goodie bag. -Sergio Rojstaczer


My friends, clients and other agents has hard time to understand that Realty Mark is giving us  a 100% commission on top of a Cruise to me and my husband!!! I have never heard any another company is doing their business meeting while having a buffet all you can eat!!!! Ray you are always looking for your agents best interest by giving them most which proves you are the best of the best broker!!!! I seriously needed that break to recharge my battery to make more transactions once I come back! I have already convinced another agent to switch from KW to Realty Mark. -Hezal Patel